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Enterprises today are moving out of simple static or content managed websites towards rich web portals with social networking capabilities. The biggest challenge for enterprises is to have these social networking components work securely and within enterprise context. Oracle WebCenter 11g is a modern portal framework that provides social networking capabilities along with the security that any enterprise will require. WebCenter is perfect tool to design enterprise portal and business applications. The key feature is that WebCenter Framework allows business users to take charge and create and design their own pages with all rich features on the fly without going through their IT team. No other product provides this kind of flexibility and features.

XTRON has expertise in building collaborative applications using WebCenter Framework. With deep understanding of content management products and web portal development, we were able to leverage our expertise on Enterprise 2.0 features and provide end-to-end solution using Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies.

  1. Provide end-to-end solution on Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Fusion Middleware including customizing WebCenter Spaces application. Our experts can analyze your business and current systems and quickly come up with solutions to leverage current investment and new systems with minimum cost.

  2. Deep ADF and WebCenter expertise: We house best of breed ADF experts for the best of the breed product line (Oracle Fusion Middleware). Deep knowledge on ADF is the key to understand and provide the right solution on Oracle WebCenter.

  3. Expertise in E2.0 and Web 2.0: It takes years of experience to understand the concepts E2.0 and Web 2.0. Social networking has gained huge popularity recently and providing solutions to enterprise on them is the success factor. With the right E2.0 interfaces enterprises can influence and boost productivity of their employees.

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