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Enterprise 2.0 Portals with ADF & Webcenter

Social 2.0 changes the way we do interact and do business today. Today's business requires Traditional Business Applications like Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Sales Force to be mashed with Social Computing platform like Wikipedia, Chat, Discussion, Search, IPhone etc.

For example in a connected social enterprise, David is following a sales deal with Customer Xyz. He has scheduled a meeting with the Decision Maker, Mr. Mark. Now if David has access to following information in a centralized Web 2.0 portal, how it would help him to close his deal

- Search on "Mark" in the enterprise and he finds out that Ex. Sales Manager commented about him in a group discussion last year about their existing pain point and failures

- Find a report on "Xyz" spending pattern from Enterprise Resource Plannig for last 5 years

- Current escalated cases by "Xyz" from CRM system and their current status

- Search the last invoice and define the deal size



Oracle Webcenter platform combines the power of Enterprise Applications with intelligent social information form various different sources. Its a Rapid Development platform to implement the next generation productive applications using Ajax based Rich Internet Framework, ADF.


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